About Us

The walls in our homes tell the stories of our lives. What began as a fun way to make the walls in my own home beautiful, has turned into a way for me to help others create beautiful spaces in their homes, through words and paint.

In different phases of my life I have studied graphic design, interior design and art education; finally to become an accountant. My entire life I’ve had a love for designing and creating, however I ended up in a career that allows little creativity. I found myself needing a creative outlet, so with a little help from my dad and a ton of support from my family, I opened a shop that allows me to fulfill this.

Being able to share what I love with others is something I am truly grateful for.
I hope this shop is an example of hard work and dedication to my three little ones (now teenagers!), and proof that if you work hard and dream big, those dreams can come true.

Every sign is made with a whole lot of heart and gratitude. I do my very best to make each sign look as close to the photo as possible, however the stain will take differently on every board and each one is bound to look a little different. That is the beauty of handmade, after all.

I would love to help you create a beautiful space in your home and I hope that my pieces can help tell your story, whatever phase of life you are in.

The pride we take in our work shows in every order shipped out!